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Burial Search Results
(Location may be clicked to see all graves in that location. Column title may be clicked to sort the results.)
NOTICE: If at anytime you receive a blank page or a message such as "cannot display web page", chances are it is due to the results exceeding reasonable limits set. This can be common when clicking on any particular Location. It is recommended to return to the Burial Search screen and try limiting the results as much as possible with both name AND burial date information. If you still do not get a results page, you may contact St. Peter's Cemetery for the requested information.
12 results matching entered criteria (for particular location).
Grave# Deceased Age Burial Funeral Home
4-(none)-170.00-(none)1Siewecke, Herman Henry498/02/1893
4-(none)-170.00-(none)2Siewecke, Anna5711/15/1904
4-(none)-170.00-(none)3Bauer, John787/23/1945
4-(none)-170.00-(none)4Bauer, Augusta843/28/1958
4-(none)-170.00-(none)5Bauer, Era Jane5611/28/1966
4-(none)-170.00-(none)6Bauer, John H616/29/1973
4-(none)-170.00-(none)7Siewecke, Anna M9 mos old8/20/1877
4-(none)-170.00-(none)8Siewecke, John8 days old10/25/1880
4-(none)-170.00-(none)9Siewecke, Henry6 days old10/12/1881
4-(none)-170.00-(none)10Siewecke, Fred W6 mos old8/08/1884
4-(none)-170.00-(none)11Siewecke, HermanStillborn2/20/1886
4-(none)-170.00-(none)12Siewecke, InfantStillborn11/11/1889